Sahar Atias

Our Article

As first year students we learned logic with Professor Dov Gabbay.
Although the subject was new to us, we quickly jumped into deep water, finding ourselves talking about an article that will be published later on.
Soon enough all the discussions, ideas and argumentations that were brought up in class became a paper, which then became the final version just a few months later.
The article gave the first year students the opporunity to see how the "real world" works, Professor Dov Gabbay gave us the chance to go abroad and represent the article in front of other professors.
So after a few months of organization, 5 students were choosen (myself among them) to take the flight to Luxembourg and give a lecture of about 30 minutes each at the Belval University.
Excited but confident, we took off :)

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So what does the article speaks about? it is introduction to abstract argumentation with many lives.
In short: we show how we can try to predict the outcome of a certain trial by putting the argumentations into a formula we've designed.
We decide how much life to give to the accused depending on the accusations againts him and how important that person is.
Aswell as giving attack power to the accusers, again, depending on all the details we got about them and how harsh their accusations are.
More factors come in play such as if the accusers know each other, if there's more than one accuser, if the accusations are similar and so on.
Evantually the system becomes one big survival game where each player has power/life and we use that to predict the outcome, or even know how much more power is need to take a certain target down.
To make it clear, we decided to use a live example - the case of Moshe Katsav.
Aswell as a java application that can be used to do the calculations.
The source code can be found here.

Few months later we have been invited to present the article in the international Isralog conference at the University of Haifa.
Logicians from all over the world come to Isralog to present their work related to logic aswell as listen to others work.
It was a pleasure to give yet another lecutre, we see it as an opporunity to get to know how the real world works.
Of course, nothing of that would've happened without Professor Dov Gabbay, so special thanks goes to him :)

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