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Beer Sheva Loves Animals

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Sheba loved animals Association is a non-profit association which works to change the harsh reality of animals in Beersheba and beyond by education, controlling population size animals, care, adoption and different projects.

What are we doing?
"Animal": peer education, advocacy and prevention of violence in schools and in informal contexts and social projects in collaboration with the municipality and Ben-Gurion University.
Finding homes for abandoned animals: coverage of the street and quarantine of Beersheba to foster care and (temporary) increase in VAT to the information being submitted to the House. It also runs monthly adoption days.
"Ray of light" and the blockade of Beersheba: the organization is to improve the conditions of confinement in quarantine, dogs, providing warm and caressing hand thus increasing chances of dogs find a home.
Lag baomer project: runs cruisers volunteers to prevent abuse and residue of dogs and cats in fires, alive.
Spaying and neutering: a Association annual project viability of spaying and neutering of feral cats in cooperation and funded by the municipality and the Ministry of agriculture.
Feeding regulated areas: enabling feeding areas are to cats, and population size at Ben-Gurion University.

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  • Areas: Beer Sheva Area, Southern Settlements

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