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"Let animals live" established in 1986, is a nonprofit organization, which aims to provide immediate help for abandoned animals and distressed, and find their foundation in die hard

In Israel are thousands of dogs and cats homeless, injured and subjected to acts of abuse. Thousands of them die each month! Some are killed by the authorities and the officials are viciously destruction methods for solving the problem of the uncontrolled breeding animals. Some die in pain, cold and hungry on the streets.
The Association was founded in order to help these animals in the short term, and to prevent breeding.
And suffering in the long run, by sterilization.

For 20 years, found the Association houses approximately 30000 foster dogs and cats, mainly about 45000 and provided assistance and treatment for tens of thousands additional vet including horses, donkeys, alligators, dolphins, camels and all kinds of found animals in distress and were subjected to acts of abuse.

The Association also operates the legal level and fight against abuse and profiting at the expense of the lives of animals.
As part of this activity the thousands of complaints filed with the police, hundreds of civil suits and petitions to the Supreme Court.
The public awareness to the importance of preserving animal life and preventing abuse through expanding animal protection law and enforcement. This achievement was largely minor acts of abuse. "Let animals live" is also on the educational values and propaganda among the general public. Range of activities of the organization including support for larger organizations with regard to the treatment of animals and the prevention culture in the most humane way, without mercy.
In addition, the society conducts lectures at schools and educational organisations in order to educate the next generation to love animals and their right to live.
The Association's facilities include an Office in Tel Aviv, also works as a focal point for inquiries about animals, and animal shelter, located in Sparrow (at the entrance to the city of Ramla), adoption Center animals and veterinary treatments.

The Association facilities

Association office-inquiries about animals in distress the focus starts to rescue animals in distress in each region. By car it's taken animals in distress (injured, sick or homeless) and transferred to veterinary and shelter where they have been rehabilitated and are waiting to find a family adopts.

Because of space shortage at the shelter, it is necessary sometimes to live in private pensions, until he opens up space at the shelter. This Baker the costs to society.

The focus is also designed to handle public inquiries about cases of animal abuse. The hotline operates in cooperation with the Israel Police and lawyers to take legal action against abusers. The animal shelter pet adoption Center and veterinary treatments.

Within the shelter held about 250 dogs and 100 cats who have ongoing and that includes feeding, medical treatment and assistance in finding a home. Every animal has taken up making room for another animal is in distress, which collected by!

Instead Veterinary Clinic is used for providing medical treatment for animals held at the shelter also are made and presented sterilization clinic.

Animals listed by the public are entitled to treatment at reduced rates. You can get advice and guidance rather than any demands by veterinarians.

All the activities described above is funded by public donations and volunteers. Please open your heart-and helped to live! We invite you to come and admire our activities at the shelter in talmei Menashe (to Ramla, tzrifin camp), and if you'd like to adopt an animal-God bless! We also invite you to contact us by phone and receive all information requested on the Association activity, or any other matter concerning animals and their welfare

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