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About us

Pet Pal - The Dogs & Cats Adoption Center, founded and managed by volunteers in order to reach a goal: to help the organizations across the country find loving homes for dogs and cats alike.
Through co-operation with the corresponding organizations, Pet Pal manages to increase the chances of adoption of animals advertisied on the site by serving as a search engine for abandoned dogs and cats.
The website is totally free to use and is daily updated with new content such as:

  • Events such as adoption days, Yad 2 markets and more.
  • New dogs and cats for adoption from across the country.
  • Articles primary about choosing the right companion for the potential adopter.
  • Videos about various animals for entertainment, tutorials for the new adopters, how to train and domesticate your newly adopted companion.

Want to adopt a dog or a cat?

You've got to the right place! Because here in Pet Pal we are gathering all the dogs and the cats ready for adoption through the country and give you the tools to find the dog/cat that suits you the most.
Here are a few recommended ways you may follow in order to achieve your goal:

  • The dogs and cats are arranged and categorized in our website (dogs | cats) allowing you to use the search engine which will lead you to the dog or cat that matches you the most with ease.
  • Didn't find the dog or cat you were looking for? There is still hope! you may fill the advanced search form where you can fill your search criteria and leave your e-mail address at which you will be contacted once the desired animal is added to Pet Pal's database right away.
  • Note that many organizations add new dogs and cats daily to Pet Pal's database so its recommended to pay periodic visits to the website.
  • In addition, adoption days of each organization are published on our homepage constantly, at which dozens of dogs and cats are available for adoption.

Contact us!

Are you an organization that wish to join our website?
Do you have any suggestions or requests?
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly address each and every request, while paying special care to any improvements which you may have suggested.

Thank you for co operating,
Pet Pal - The Dogs & Cats Adoption Center team.

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