Sahar Atias

My First Project

The way I got into computer science was special, at school I choose computer science but was about to quit due to bad marks.
It was so different from what I imagined and it took me time to understand what's going on, because everything was done on paper.
Only at a very late stage we had to do our first web project, I took the opportunity to build a website for an NGO I was volunteering at.
Yet again I asked myself, what could a student with bad marks and only a few months of ASP and Access database experience do?
It was the first time I could actually see a live example of what code is capable of, so I dedicated most of my time for it.
After months of learning online and implementing the stuff I learn, daily discussions with the NGO admin and so on, the product was finally ready.
I think someone's mind changes when he see his creation goes live, and I couldn't be any happier at that moment, things changed for me since then.
The website served the NGO from 2011 and until its closure in 2015.

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Other Websites

After I finished with my first project, I had the hunger for more, and this is where my love to programming started.
I contacted a few more NGOs, asking them if they would like a new website, evantually I ended up building around 10 more sites.
Also I was offered to create one website for the village Hinanit and another one for Friends for Life online shop.
Most are currently inactive so only images remain, some of which weren't accepted in the first place, others went down when the NGO closed.
But one thing for sure is, I gained a lot of experience from doing that stuff, and that was most important for me at that time.
It is worth to mention that while my first website was built using ASP and Access database, all the other websites were already built in PHP and MySQL database under Linux enviroment.

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Haver Li

One NGO that was different from the others was Haver Li, which I have co-operation with until today.
They had a website, but apperantly the one who was in charge of it left the NGO without leaving them access.
So I redesigned the website for them and hosted it on my VPS for them for free.
Recently it was also upgraded, using the most recent technologies out there (mobile support, HTML5, CSS3 etc).
A live version of the website can be found here.

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Pet Pal

At some point, I decided to create my own NGO, I had some ideas which could take online advertising of pets for adoption to the next level.
One of the ideas was to use Facebook API to automatically scan NGOs pages for pets for adoption (using search with keywords) which then would be automatically added to the website.
This would save a lot of time for the NGOs because then they won't need to upload the same albums multiple times, its enough just uploading them to Facebook.
Evantually a massive database of pets for adoption was created in a single place, where people could find pets from all around the country with ease.
Pet Pal started at 2012 and was registered as a non-profit oragnization at 2015, but unfortunately by 2018 i'm officially going to end my work on Pet Pal and the NGO will close.
Pet Pal went through many edits and redesigns over time, we did much more than just advertising pets for adoption at some point, aswell as an English version of the website was added, using the Bing Translate API.

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After a while of web development I was introduced to Java programming (during my studies as a practical engineer, mostly).
We had to do a project in order to graduate and I decided to do a network chess game.
Evantually I realized this is another thing I like to do - game development (although the stuff I did were still simple).
So I decided to create a project called GameOne, a platform which will serve all the games I would develop over time.
The source code can be found on Github, there are still a few games missing since I like to rework them before adding them on the platform.

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In my military service I was appointed as a network technician, I personally think that development and network always go hand to hand.
So what would be better than see how these stuff works first hand - I had the opportunity to work with network hardware such as switches / routers.
Evantually, I used the knowledge I gained as a developer to improve the stuff I saw around me.
I did 5 projects during my military service, 2 of which became officially used in the base I served.
One project won the base commander award for excellence, the projects were developed in a way so they can be moved to other bases with ease.
I was also fixing bugs and improving already existing programs written by others, even when it was developed in a language I didn't knew.
Unfortunately the projects are classified, so there's not much details or images that I can give about these projects.

Private Game Server

Last but not least, I liked MMO games, and when I heard one of the games I was playing was developed under open-source format, I didn't hesitate to check it out, I took part in 3 teams (aCis, L2jServer and L2jUnity) where I mainly helped fixing and testing bugs.
Later I started my own gameserver that gave me a major boost in java knowledge, Linux server management and other amazing tools.
I created a whole new game out of an existing one, about 100,000 lines of code that were written solely by me up to today since 2011.

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